1 What is a Heuristic Evaluation?

Heuristic evaluations, also known as usability inspections, are a way to obtain expert opinion on the usability of a product. A Heuristic Evaluation is an expert-based method, as it requires the use of an expert (as compared to using a user).

What is a Heuristic?

The definition of a heuristic is something that is:

  • A practical method; and

  • Is not guaranteed to be perfect.

Heuristics are helpful for design and evaluation.

How Can we Perform a Heuristic Evaluation?

The steps to performing a Heuristic Evaluation are as follows:

  1. Establish a set of concrete tasks.

  2. Select set of design heuristics.

  3. Recruit experts in performing Heuristic Evaluations.

  4. For each expert:

    • Take the expert through tasks.

    • A team member records any violations of the heuristics.

    • The expert reviews all the problems found and rates them.

  5. Combine all expert reports into a single Heuristic Evaluation report.

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